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Dear Al Franken: You’re not my friend, but thanks for the e-mail

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The nice thing about being on the mailing list of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is that you get the funniest e-mails. Sometimes it’s even intentional! I’ll let you decide which category this one falls under:

Dear friend,

Mondays are no fun. There’s always a project you forgot you were supposed to finish over the weekend. There’s always a meeting that Gary in Accounting just had to schedule for 8 in the morning. There are never enough of the good donuts. It’s a weekly kick in the pants.

But I know how to make this Monday hurt a little less— stick it to the Tea Party by clicking here and making a $5 contribution to the DSCC to help them reach their $364,000 goal before midnight Sept. 30.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Al, this is pretty corny, even for you.”

But with Republicans holding our government – and our economy – hostage, I’m not ashamed to ask for your help. If we don’t stand up for Democrats right now, it could mean a total wipeout on Election Day and a disastrous return to the Bush economic plan.

So look at it this way.  Make a $5 contribution now and all week, whenever you read about Karl Rove’s latest smear ads, you’ll know that you’ve already done your part to help Democrats fight back – by taking a stand with the only organization solely devoted to defending our Senate firewall.

And although it’s cruel to add some math to your Monday, the numbers don’t lie.  We need to protect 23 seats – Republicans only need to protect 10.  And with only four seats keeping us in the majority – and keeping the Tea Party’s hands off of Medicare and Social Security – we don’t have any time to waste.

Ninety percent of the DSCC’s contributions come from people just like you: Ordinary Americans who know that, in a country run by these Republicans – a country without workers’ rights, environmental protections, Medicare, and Social Security – every day would be Monday.

So, is making a $5 contribution to the DSCC going to get you out of that two-hour meeting, get that coffee stain out of your shirt, or stop that jerk Gary from eating the last donut AGAIN?  Probably not.

But it will help Democrats keep the Senate, create jobs, protect Medicare and Social Security, and fight for an economy in which everyone shares the sacrifice and big corporations are held accountable.

And we’ll see what we can do about the donuts.

Thanks for standing with Democrats.  Even on a Monday.


P.S.: Mondays are bad – but the GOP agenda is even worse.  And they’re only four seats away from being able to ram it through the Senate.  It’s up to you and me to stop them.  Please click here to help the DSCC reach its $364,000 goal before Sept. 30!

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Jim Treacher