Ann Coulter: Voters want ‘fat man’ more than ‘big-eared bean pole’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The recent spike in speculation that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will announce he is running for president hasn’t gone unnoticed by one of his leading cheerleaders, Ann Coulter.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Sean Hannity’s radio show, Coulter wondered if she is getting her hopes up for nothing, but nonetheless continued to make the case for a Christie candidacy.

She first explained that one of the knocks on Christie, his weight, would be an asset.

“I like his look,” she said. “I think it’s going to be very appealing if he were to run for president after you know, four years of this big-eared bean pole in the White House destroying the economy. I think a fat man will be very attractive.”

Coulter said that former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who is enjoying a bump in the polls, would be a suitable running mate for Christie.

“That’s my ticket by the way — Christie/Cain,” she said. “And no insult to Herman Cain. I just think you’ve need to held elected office first.”

Another knock on Christie has been his appointment of Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim, to a Superior Court judgeship. Coulter dismissed the criticism, emphasizing his overall record on social issues.

“[Y]ou have to judge governors from very blue states, from union control, corrupt left-wing dark blue states on a curve and you want to look at much more what they do and not what they say and Gov. Christie is the most right-wing and socially right-wing governor New Jersey has ever seen,” she said. “And an awful lot of this stuff just gets lied about.”

Coulter also noted Christie’s attacks on former New Jersey Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine for supporting in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, an issue that is currently plaguing the presidential campaign of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.


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