Limbaugh: No surprise in Herman Cain Florida straw poll win

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Many observers were surprised to see Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain winning the Florida straw poll on Saturday — particularly because of his convincing margin of victory. But conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh has a theory about Cain’s success: Cain stuck to conservative principles and avoided pandering to too many constituencies.

“You want to know why Herman Cain won the straw poll in Florida?” Limbaugh asked on his Tuesday show. “Because you can’t find one example of Herman Cain at any point in this campaign not being a conservative. Herman Cain’s not hedging his bets. Herman Cain’s not being all things to all people. Herman Cain’s not out there trying to make sure he don’t offend this group or that. Herman Cain is out there and he is pedal to the metal 100-percent-conservative every time he opens his mouth.”

Limbaugh explained that Cain has avoided the pitfalls plaguing the presidential campaigns of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“I know where this country is,” he said. “I know what the people of this country want and they don’t want John McCain, Jr. They don’t want another moderate Republican to work with the other side. They don’t want somebody who wants to cut it both ways on illegal immigration or on health care. They want a conservative.”

But more importantly, Limbaugh said, Cain has been attacking President Obama instead of his fellow GOP candidates.

“He takes it right to Obama. He doesn’t take it to Romney. He doesn’t take it to Perry. He takes it to Obama because Republican voters know Perry’s not the enemy and Romney’s not the enemy.

“There may be better choices, but Obama is the enemy. Obama is who has to be defeated. Obama is who the people of the country have got to be constantly be told is the problem. So why is it a surprise that Herman Cain would win the straw poll in Florida? All he’s done is be consistently conservative.”


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