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Not all radio-controlled aircraft enthusiasts plot to blow up the Pentagon

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Just one. Boston Herald:

An Ashland Muslim man was arrested today for what authorities said was an al-Qaeda-inspired plot to turn the tables on the U.S. military by targeting the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol with unmanned drones packed with explosives…

The suspect, Rezwan Ferdaus, intended to stuff the remote-controlled aircraft with C-4 plastic explosives, the feds said today. He was also accused of giving undercover FBI agents mobile phones rigged to “act as an electrical switch for an IED” to maim or kill U.S. soldiers serving overseas. He believed those FBI agents were “members or recruiters” here in Massachusetts for al-Qaeda.

He faces charges of attempting to provide material support to terrorists — specifically al-Qaeda — to launch those attacks, the U.S. Attorney in Boston Carmen M. Ortiz said…

One of the planes Ferdaus intended to use was 68 inches long with a 44-inch wingspan and was capable of traveling up to 160 mph and guided by GPS, the indictment reads.

It’s pretty weird that this guy was plotting to blow stuff up, even though he’s a Muslim. Maybe the radio waves drove him crazy and stuff?