Bachmann: ‘China has blinded United States satellites’

Amanda Carey Contributor
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Minnesota Rep. and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talked foreign policy Friday during an interview on the Laura Ingraham Show. Specifically, she zeroed in on China, saying the country has attacked American satellites with lasers.

“I’m not sharing something I shouldn’t,” said Bachmann, “but China has blinded United States’ satellites with their lasers. They’ve also supplied arms to the Taliban, and they’ve helped North Korea deliver missiles to Iran and Pakistan … And they’ve assisted Iran with their nuclear program.”

But Bachmann didn’t stop there. She doubled down on her criticisms by saying  that China has also been engaged in industrial espionage against the West.

“Just keep these things in mind when it comes to China — they are a very bad actor,” she concluded.

She prefaced her comments by reminding listeners that she’s currently a member of the House Intelligence Committee and thus has access to “classified secrets.”

The congresswoman’s comments are the second time this week she sought to highlight her foreign policy views. On Thursday, she commented on the recent uprisings in the Middle East, positing that the overthrow of dictators could pose a threat to Israel.

Then, she said that President Barack Obama is to blame for the Arab Spring.

“You want to know why we have [the] Arab Spring?” Bachmann asked. “Barack Obama has laid the table for the Arab Spring by demonstrating weakness from the United States of America.”

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