Top 10 funniest tweets of the week, Sept. 23–29

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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This week’s edition includes tweets about Chris Christie, Andy Rooney’s retirement, Sarah Palin flubbing Herman Cain’s name and much more:

10. andylevy: Christie could’ve ended his speech with “And that’s why I’m not running for President” and people would be speculating as to what he meant.

9. StephenAtHome: How funny that Daniel Yergin’s book about energy policy is called “The Quest.” My book about gallant knights is called “Energy Policy.”

8. RyanLizza: Alaska Air flight attendant: “Do u want a cup with that wine?” Passenger: “Of course.” Attendant: “You’d b surprised how many people don’t.”

7. iowahawkblog:#MyAndyRooneyAudition Didja ever notice how television networks will pay you money for talking to yourself into a camera? I like that.

6. ConanOBrien: This is the world’s first 3D Tweet! Unfortunately, the device needed to view it properly has yet to be invented.

5. philipaklein: I won’t know what to think about this Putin news until I hear Rick Perry explain it in the next GOP debate.

4. daveweigel: Today on Fox: Palin will assess the campaigns of Mitch Romney, Josh Huntsman, Rip Perry, and Rod Paul.

3. JeffLoveness: Gary Johnson is campaigning in New Hampshire via bike.Because nothing inspires confidence in voters like a guy who cant afford to take a bus.

2. mattklewis:The Eagles disappointing performance today will do little to quiet the clamoring for Chris Christie to replace Andy Reid.


mattklewis:Does “Kafkaesque” mean, “prone to throwing interceptions?”

1. rickperryfacts: If you spell Rick Perry in scrabble, you win. Forever.

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