Krauthammer: Mid-election SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare a ‘win-win’ for Obama

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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For opponents of President Obama’s 2009 health care reform law, one of the best opportunities for an eventual victory isn’t repeal through the legislative process: It could come with the Supreme Court declaring it unconstitutional.

But syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer doesn’t think the court rendering judgment would be a bad thing for the president either way. On Friday’s “Special Report,” Krauthammer said either of the two possible outcomes would be a “win” for Obama.

“I think for Obama, it’s win-win,” Krauthammer said. “If it is upheld, then it will give something of a boost to public opinion because it will be seen as legitimate. It will help its legitimacy and, at least slightly — marginally — increase its popularity.”

And what if the court ruled it unconstitutional?

“If it’s struck down, it removes an albatross around Obama’s neck,” Krauthammer said. “It’s going to be a moot issue.”


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