Hume: ‘People who are chasing after Gov. Christie remind me of a pack of dogs chasing a car’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The buzz surrounding a possible presidential bid from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is getting louder and louder. But is the Christie buzz a media creation, or does it accurately reflect Christie’s potential to shake up the race?

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume had some discouraging words for those hoping for a Christie candidacy — and some criticism for those pushing for the governor to enter the race.

“With all due respect to my esteemed colleague Bill [Kristol], people who are chasing after Gov. Christie remind me of a pack of dogs chasing a car, and it’s not clear what they will do if they catch it,” Hume said.

“All of these issues that you cited — that’s a larger set of departures from Republican and conservative and Republican orthodoxy than Rick Perry has been accused of, and look how much trouble he’s gotten. And I’m just not sure he would wear well. It’d be big excitement at first; the style certainly works, and so on. But, I am not sure how will well he would hold up.” (RELATED: Herman Cain says voters will find Chris Christie too liberal)

Hume also noted one particular obstacle for a Christie candidacy.

“You have to get, from almost a standing start, up to speed on national and international issues in a big hurry because there is a debate coming about every week,” he continued. “There are going to be six more before everybody votes and you have to stand up on the stage and shine, because you’ll sort of be expected to. Expectations for this poor guy are over the moon. You’re going to have to stand up there against all these people who have been doing this for a while and have gotten better at it. So, I think, if he gets in, he better do it fast.”