“Bad days are coming”

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Tipping Point Is Not a City in China: Hmm. This doesn’t look good. Here’s an internal White House Office of Management and Budget email, apparently from 2010:

“What’s terrifying is that after looking at some of the ones that came next, this one [Solyndra] started to look better,” another OMB e-mail exchange said of Solyndra. “Bad days are coming.” 

And that’s from a stash of e-mails the Democrats released. … P.S.: At some point, if you are a Dem who wants Obama’s health care plan to survive (in a form intact enough to allow us to find out if it works)** you can rationally reach a tipping point, after which you start hoping all the election-related news is bad for the President, so he will have no choice but to pull an LBJ and not run in 2012, allowing a more electable candidate to be nominated.  … Plan A won’t work. Let’s set the phasers on full reverse! … I’m almost there. ….

P.P.S.: How badly did National Journal bury the lede (“bad days”) in this story? …


** — e.g., me.

Mickey Kaus