Limbaugh on Occupy Wall Street demonstrators: ‘These people are tools’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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One of the complaints of Occupy Wall Street protesters has been that up until last weekend, the protests had largely been ignored by the media. Well, now they’re being noticed.

On his Monday program, radio host Rush Limbaugh dedicated some airtime to the movement, offering disparaging remarks for participants.

“You know what’s crazy about these people — these are the people that marched on the Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend and so forth,” he said. “You know how stupid these people are? These people — they’re out marching for big government. They are advocating for Obama’s re-election. They are marching against Wall Street, who’s in bed with Obama.”

Limbaugh alluded to Saturday’s march over the Brooklyn Bridge, which resulted in the arrest of 700 protesters, as evidence of the movement’s ineptitude.

“These people are tools,” he continued. “They are abject tools. They are an embarrassment. The Vietnam War crowd is embarrassed at this bunch — how stupid they are. And then to be steered on to the Brooklyn Bridge where they can be charge with a crime for obstructing a roadway — they’re just a bunch of idiots.”

And he added many of the protesters have a flawed perception of their effectiveness.

“These protests, I’m telling you I just have to laugh,” he said. “They’re such rank amateurs and they think they’re so tough. They think they’re so powerful. The establishment that they hate is just using them … It’s fascinating to watch these people as they go out and protest the very thing they’re voting for.”


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