The timeless Elizabeth Hurley [SLIDESHOW]

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Elizabeth Hurley may be the luckiest female on earth.

The newly engaged British bombshell has had a steady entertainment career since the ’90s, when she famously dated schmoozing “Notting Hill” actor Hugh Grant and starred in popular comedies such as “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” and “EDtv.” With the exception of some boyfriend and husband drama, she dodges bad press more often than not. Though the former model has taken on less work in recent years, the 46-year-old now appears in hit teen drama, “Gossip Girl,” so she knows all about staying hip and current. Many actors and actresses wane overtime, but the young-at-heart, timeless beauty continued to amaze us long after she fulfilled her role as groovy Vanessa Kensington. For going strong since the ’80s, TheDC dedicates a slideshow to the classy leading lady whose charm will last forever.