Sprint first to offer unlimited Internet plan on new iPhone 4S

Tina Nguyen Contributor
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If you’re looking for an incentive to switch carriers, Sprint gave a good reason Thursday morning, announcing that they will become the first carrier to offer unlimited data (Internet access) with their new iPhone 4S.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is betting that the unlimited data plan will attract iPhone users, who historically complain about bills that can reach over 300 pages. “Our customers can take advantage of the innovative features of iPhone without worrying about overage [overuse] charges or surprises on their bill.”

Reportedly paying $20 billion to Apple for the privilege of carrying the iPhone, Sprint’s unlimited data plan gives it a new advantage over AT&T and Verizon, the two other networks that carry the iPhone. Verizon began carrying the iPhone in January, but charges overuse fees for customers going over their allotted data plans.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint’s carrier fee means that it will not see a profit from the iPhone until 2014, a decision that saw its stock prices take a 10 percent hit.

The iPhone 4S, like its predecessors, will certainly need that extra data. Along with its usual features, the new Siri voice command app, which will come standard on the 4S, draws its answers from cloud services. Preorders start Friday, and the iPhone 4S — the last phone that Steve Jobs worked on — will be available on the 14th.

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