‘Occupying’ your time: The Daily Caller scavenger hunt

Mary Katharine Ham | Contributor

This week “Occupy Wall Street” begat “Occupy DC,” “Occupy New Orleans,” “Occupy Boston” — and before we knew it this week, most of the United States as officially “occupied” territory.

With all these protests, there’s lots for observers to do if they don’t feel like chanting “This is what a hastily assembled mob looks like.” And is there anything better than a scavenger hunt for “occupying” your spare time?

Here’s your assignment: Find as many of these things as you can an any official “occupy” protest, upload your images and/or video to a website like Flickr or YouTube, and email the link(s) to feedback@dailycaller.com. One winner will be drawn from all complete entries one week from today; the grand prize is a complimentary one-year subscription to The Daily Caller.

What’s that? TheDC is already free and our prize drawing is a sham? You’re right. Sounds like something worth protesting.

Photo scavenger hunt list:

  • An expensive pre-printed sign espousing the evils of capitalism
  • A sign mentioning Ron Paul
  • A Starbucks coffee cup
  • A Rastafarian hat
  • Anyone selling something with a hammer and sickle on it
  • North Face-brand clothing
  • A police officer looking stoic and police officer looking amused (must be in the same photo)
  • Anyone using an expensive iPad or iPhone while holding an ironic sign about unemployment and the “99%”
  • A Che Guevara t-shirt
  • A group playing hacky-sack
  • Wide-rimmed glasses
  • A Nalgene bottle
  • Organic fruit or vegetables
  • PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) beer
  • A person with a bandana over his mouth and nose
  • A beach cruiser-style bicycle
  • Bottled water from an evil, polluting company
  • A pre-printed SEIU sign
  • Rollerblades
  • Something made from hemp
  • Dreadlocks (bonus points if they’re attached to a Caucasian head)
  • A man in skinny jeans
  • A gas-powered generator
  • A dog wearing a bandana
  • An Obama “HOPE” t-shirt
  • A “truther” sign about 9/11

H/T: Complete Colorado and Colorado Peak Politics for their hilarious help with the list

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