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‘This is what democracy smells like!’

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Courtesy of the Daily Mail, we now have an indelible, iconic image that sums up the Occupy Wall Street, um, movement:

They refuse to evacuate Wall Street, but at least they can evacuate their bowels on cop cars. From the Tea Party to the BM Party.

And can you imagine the media’s reaction if this guy was a Tea Partier? There would be no other news today. So far this lovely fellow is unidentified, but I hope somebody tracks him down for an interview. No doubt his sociopolitical insights are staggering.

Click here for more pictures from the protest, including the fetid, disgusting garbage these geniuses are accumulating. But enough about Keith Olbermann.

P.S. If your neighborhood is being similarly “Occupied,” MKH wants your pictures and video. And if you can catch a shot like this one, I’m pretty sure you’ll win the contest.

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Jim Treacher