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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Kellyanne Conway, The Polling Company

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Kellyanne Conway is the president and founder of The Polling Company, a prominent political pundit and analyst, and the mother of four young children. She also spent twenty years as a market researcher for political and business clients. Speaking with clear insight about the pulse of America, Washington politicians have come to rely on her translations of trends, beliefs and sentiments.

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas recently sat down with Kellyanne in her Washington offices to talk about President Obama’s greatest achievements, her advice for the tea party movement and the emerging opportunity for unifying Americans around the concept of American exceptionalism.

What is President Obama’s greatest accomplishment so far?

“One of the positive lasting effects of the Obama administration is the average American’s increasing distaste for and distrust of its federal government as an encroachment on its basic liberties, as too expansive, too expensive and too intrusive.”

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On American exceptionalism

“I believe Barack Obama loves America. I believe he was born in America. I’m just mystified that he doesn’t talk more about America’s greatness, and its people, and its exceptionalism, and all it has provided for him and what a tremendously generous and freedom-loving nation that we are and must continue to be.”

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What are the greatest political vulnerabilities of President Obama and the Democrats?

“Another vulnerability President Obama has, which is frankly confounding to me, is that he’s gone from hope and change as a candidate to gloom and doom as a President. He seems joyless on the job. He is at his best when he lifts people up and makes them feel optimistic and hopeful about their futures.”

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What political opportunities do you see for the tea party movement?

“It’s becoming a shop-worn, tiresome tactic for the Democratic Party and its friends in the mainstream media to vilify the honorable men and women in our nation who have decided that they would like to join the tea party.”

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Is there a new opportunity for unity in the face of failing Democrat tactics to divide Americans and engage in class warfare?

“this whole idea that we should compartmentalize ourselves and identify ourselves mainly if not exclusively by our gender, by our race, by our ethnicity; it’s not the American way and it’s not the modern American viewpoint for most voters either.”

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What should Republicans and conservatives learn from the emerging new census data?

“The latest United States Census should really sound some alarm bells for the Republican Party and the center-right conservative movement.”

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Would you have any warnings for the Republican “establishment” or leadership?

“The Republican leadership is doing a fine job under very difficult circumstances, namely they are faced with a Democratic wall in the United States Senate. Many great ideas and very bold robust game-changing legislation go to die in the U.S. Senate.”

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