Occupy DC remains mostly peaceful amid clashes with police across the nation

Jamie Coughlin Contributor
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Occupy D.C. protesters have been camping out in McPherson Square for the past eleven days. They’ve had very few issues with police, and they say that the police have largely left them alone. But their comrades in Boston haven’t been so fortunate.

On Monday, protesters in Boston expanded their protest and tent camping area. Later that night, Boston police asked protesters to move back, according to the Boston Globe, but when they refused, over 100 people were bound and arrested.

Occupy D.C. protester Dustin Slaughter said the action taken by Boston police was reprehensible and un-American.

There was a disturbance between Washington police and a man Monday evening, but protesters were quick to assert the man was not related to their protest but was an outsider trying to cause trouble.

Slaughter said the Occupy D.C. protesters would do anything they can to dispel and resist violence. “Non-violence… is the only way to affect real change,” Slaughter said.

However, the protesters insist that even if the police do arrest them, it won’t stop them from fighting for their cause.

“You can arrest us today, we’ll just be back with two of our friends the next day,” said a protester who preferred to remain anonymous.