Steve Jobs’ legacy: Tech no longer only for techies

Josh Peterson Contributor
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Who is doing the most important work in the tech world and which technologies are going to have the largest long-term impact on humanity? Those are questions I dedicate some brain cycles to thinking about every week. I like to ask, “Which of these things could have ripples that will last for a century or more?”

In tech, the truth is that most of the stuff we fret over, rave about, or argue bitterly will be barely recognizable 100 years from now. In most cases, even the staggering developments in tech over the past decade will morph into other products, be absorbed into new companies, and simply become the tiny seeds of brilliant new ideas championed by future generations of innovators. That’s just the natural order of things.

What I look for are the exceptions. And, there are always exceptions.

Steve Jobs was one of them.

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