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There’s no better way to express your individuality than to parrot absolutely anything said by a guy on a stage

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If you’ve ever seen Monty Python’s Life of Brian, you remember this wonderful scene:

Well, now that same scene is playing out at an “Occupation” near you. Here’s one from the now-infamous Zuccotti Park:

They’re calling this brainwashing technique “the Human Microphone,” purportedly because the cops won’t let them have bullhorns and they want to make sure everybody can hear their nonsense. Apparently they don’t realize how it looks to normal people. It shows that Occupiers will say anything, as long as it means they won’t be outcast from the group. It shows that the only reason they’re all there is because the Church of Scientology didn’t get to them first.

The point here isn’t that these dummies want to have sex with animals (NTTAWWT). The point is that they’ll say whatever they’re told to say. They’ve got the “Microphone” thing down pat. They’re just missing the “Human” part.

I will say this in the Occupiers’ defense, though: It’s not fair to accuse them of having a muddled message. Their message is very clear: “We’re losers and it’s all your fault.”

(Hat tip: Paul Havemann)

P.S. I’m told that the weird wiggly gesture they keep doing is called “spirit fingers.” Fortunately, they have no calluses to get in the way.

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Jim Treacher