Donald Trump jokes about well-dressed Occupy Wall Street protesters

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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New York real estate mogul Donald Trump joked Monday night that some of the Occupy Wall Street protesters he has seen have no idea why they are protesting and are actually so wealthy and well-dressed that he wants to know who makes their suits.

“This is a group, in many cases, [of people] very well-dressed,” Trump said Monday night on a conference call with Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. “Some of them I jokingly say, ‘I want to find out who their tailors are.’ I love their clothing.”

Talking about those camped out on Wall Street, Trump also said: “They don’t know why they’re there.”

“I watched tonight a news cast where they were asking all the different people who were having a good time — because many of them are just having a very good time at a lot of other people’s expense,” Trump said. “And they were asking, ‘what are you here for, why are you here,’ and no one really knew. They were just having fun.”

He did concede, though, that “there are some people — very legitimately — they feel scorn, they feel hurt, and all of that.”

Trump discussed a multitude of issues while on the “tele-town hall” conference call with Bachmann. The Minnesota congresswoman, however, made clear at the get-go of the call that it doesn’t signify an endorsement — at least yet — from Trump. (RELATED: Bachmann, 3 others threaten to boycott Nevada caucus)

“I want to thank Mr. Trump for being on this call, and I also want to make it very clear he is not on the call this evening because he is endorsing my candidacy for presidency. He is on the call because he is admired, he’s respected, he’s known all over the world as a man who understands the economy.”

Bachmann said more than 200,000 people were on call.

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