Food police: Democratic PAC targets Rep. Sean Duffy’s diet

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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A new ad produced by the Democratic House Majority PAC targets Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy’s diet, pointing to his fondness of sushi and steak as evidence that he is “out of touch” with voters.

The ad informs voters that the freshman congressman’s “favorite meal is steak and sushi. No wonder he says he’s ‘struggling’ on his $174,000 salary.”

“He’s so out of touch,” it continues. “It shouldn’t surprise us Duffy voted for tax cuts for millionaires, tax cuts for Wall Street, even to protect profits for companies that ship jobs overseas.”

The ad closes by declaring that “while Sean Duffy ‘struggles’ to keep his sushi on the table, maybe he should work to help us keep food on ours.”

Duffy is one of four Republican congressmen being targeted by the House Majority PAC in a “6-figure ad offensive” announced Monday. The other three are California Rep. Dan Lungren, New Hampshire Rep. Charlie Bass and Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson.

“These are exactly the types of childish political attacks that take the focus off of the number one challenge facing Wisconsin middle-class families, and that’s creating jobs,” said National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Andrea Bozek in a statement.

Bozek said that Duffy is “working with both sides of the aisle to remove Washington’s barriers to job growth in order to get our economy back on track.” (RELATED: Reid: Dems will pursue $35 billion stimulus in Obama jobs bill)

Duffy was elected to Congress in 2010, assuming the seat held for three decades by former Democratic Rep. Dave Obey.


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