President ignores NC GOP’s offer to tow tour bus back to Washington

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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President Barack Obama has ignored the North Carolina Republican Party’s offer to tow his bus back to Washington, D.C., The Daily Caller has learned.

The state GOP had planned to offer the president’s bus a free tow back to D.C. if he would fly back immediately to focus on creating jobs and fixing the economy instead of continuing to sell his controversial jobs plan on the campaign trail.

“If the president had taken us up on our offer to tow his bus back to D.C., he would’ve stimulated at least one local company in Asheville,” NC GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood told TheDC on Monday, referring to the towing company that stood to get some extra work.

Instead, N.C. GOP chairman Robin Hayes said, Obama’s continued taxpayer-funded bus tour will cost taxpayers “tens of millions” of dollars.

“The President will spend his time in North Carolina and Virginia only to realize that he wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars solely demonizing Republicans, while it was Democrats who ultimately refused to back the President’s proposal,” Hayes said in a statement, referring to the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate’s rejection of the plan last week.

“No Democratic co-sponsors on the bill in the U.S. House, and a bipartisan rejection of it in the Senate should have proved to the president that his time, and taxpayer dollars, would have been better spent if he had just stayed in D.C. trying to pass a jobs bill that would actually work.”

Obama flies into North Carolina around 10:30 a.m. on Monday, and will be conducting an extended bus tour before returning to Washington, D.C. The local GOP argues that he shouldn’t waste time “campaigning” at taxpayer expense under the guise of selling a failed plan to voters.

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