Reid: Dems will ‘pursue’ $35 billion stimulus in Obama jobs bill

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Despite the failure of President Obama’s jobs bill in the Senate last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that Senate Democrats will continue to “pursue” $30 billion in education stimulus spending included in the bill, along with $5 billion to “retain” police, firefighters and first responders.

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“State and local budget cuts could cost as many as 280,000 teacher jobs next year unless we do more,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “That’s why President Obama proposed we invest $30 billion as part of the American Jobs Act to keep our schools well-staffed to ensure our children are well-educated.”

“Democrats will pursue the President’s plan to keep nearly 400,000 teachers and support staff where they belong — in the classroom. A $30 billion investment, fully paid for, will help school districts not only avoid layoffs, but also rehire tens of thousands of teachers who have already lost their jobs because of budget cuts.”

“We will also commit $5 billion to retaining the police, firefighters and first responders who work so hard to keep our communities safe,” Reid continued, “and to rehiring those who have already been laid off in these tough economic times.”

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