Scarborough: Where’s the left-wing, anti-war outrage over Obama’s Uganda mission?

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Late last week the Obama administration revealed it had sent U.S. troops on a humanitarian mission to the central African nation of Uganda, a move called an “invasion by press release” Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Host Joe Scarborough expressed shock that the Obama administration isn’t making any efforts to justify the mission.

“Yeah, we’ve invaded another country on another continent,” he said. “We’re dropping drones on like 28 countries that we’re not declared war with. Syria — and by the way also, also and I find this, Sam Stein, absolutely stunning — No, we are killing Americans. Not terrorists, suspected terrorists, but we are killing Americans with drones.

“We killed two Americans with drones. I bring this up only to say that 85 percent of Americans are probably glad we killed those two Americans. But — no due process, no declared war — and here’s the kicker, no rationalization from the White House. They won’t even come out and describe the legalities of that.”

Scarborough also laid out a scenario where the same late-Friday announcement had come from the George W. Bush White House.

“I will just say a few words and then do a dot, dot, dot, dot,” he continued. “Had George Bush done this, dot, dot, dot, dot — could you imagine The New York Times editorials? Could you imagine the Sunday spreads? ‘We killed two Americans, we’re invading countries all over. I mean this has run amok.’ And you know what Code Pink’s doing right now? They’re in Ft. Lauderdale. Where is the anti-[war] left movement? No, they’re playing shuffleboard … the hypocrisy is stunning.”

Ultimately, Scarborough said, the Obama administration is just continuing policies from Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney — only with none of the backlash.

“I think actually it’s an acceleration of Bush and Cheney,” Scarborough said. “When you look at the drone attacks into more countries where we haven’t declared war and, Jeffrey Sachs, I want us to think about the legality first of all, of dropping drones into whatever country you want to drop them into and vaporizing two Americans sitting in a car with a – again, two very bad Americans, mind you. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t run as a crusader against Bush/Cheney’s war on terror and then amp it up the way they have.”


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