Under-the-table operation: The hottest legs in cable news [SLIDESHOW]

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Today The Daily Caller reveals a well-kept secret: The women of cable news not only light up our screens in HD, but also sport some pretty fine legs. Though they don’t exactly have the opportunity to show them off like Pam Anderson did in Baywatch, these secret weapons literally (and figuratively) support the important news breaks that are the equivalent of coast-to-coast CPR.

Under those glassy, oddly-lit anchor desks lie some of the best looking legs in broadcasting, and here’s a look at what we think are the cream of the crop — the top-to-bottom secret weapons that just may hold the key to breaking good cable news.

It just might be time to give up on bipartisanship and focus on our love of bipedalship. If you enjoy these pics, then you are officially part of the 100 percent.

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