GOP dark horse threatens to boycott Florida Orange Juice

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Fred Karger, the first openly gay Republican to run for president, is threatening a boycott of Florida Orange Juice if the Sunshine State fails to move its primary date back from January 31, 2012 to its original date in March.

If Karger’s demands are not met, he and his supporters say they will abstain from Florida Orange Juice. The ultimatum came in a letter Wednesday addressed to Governor Rick Scott, Florida State House Speaker Dean Cannon and Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning.

“By violating Republican National Committee rules and choosing January 31, 2012 for Florida’s Presidential Primary, you have created havoc in the Presidential selection process. Florida has gained nothing by moving its primary date forward and will remain the fifth contest,” he wrote. “You have caused tremendous disruption and uncertainty in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Florida would rob voters of one of the most important tools they need to make an informed decision: time.”

If the state does not agree to move the primary back to March by November 1, 2011 Karger will launch a nationwide boycott, complete with a website featuring a ticking orange countdown clock.

“We have the domain name, have begun developing our web site and have the ticking orange on our logo,” Karger wrote.

Karger told The Daily Caller that he has campaigned twice in Florida this year and that he is currently undecided about whether he will even participate in the Florida primary.

“Undecided re participation in the FL primary right now. Will depend on when it falls,” Karger wrote in an email. “Have been putting most of my emphasis on NH and IA.”

This is not Karger’s first foray into the OJ boycott scene. A leader of four national and global boycotts, Karger also participated in the 1978 boycott of Florida Orange Juice, which expressed discontent with the anti-gay activism of Florida Citrus Commission’s spokeswoman Anita Bryant.

It is doubtful Karger’s threats will have much of an effect.

Florida Citrus Processors Association executive director Kristen C. Gunter was unsure who exactly Karger is, but she told TheDC that it would be a shame if Karger decided to stop drinking orange juice.

“A day without orange juice is a day without sunshine, so we would feel very sorry for Mr. Karger if he did not drink his orange juice,” Gunter said.

The Florida Department of State’s Division of Elections did not respond to a request for comment.

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