Mark Steyn: Occupy Wall Street ‘lame,’ ‘pathetic’ import from Canada [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The Occupy Wall Street movement has had an incredible ascendency over the last few weeks. But despite its ambiguous aims — one has to wonder how this movement would measure up with other similar movements throughout history.

On Rush Limbaugh’s Wednesday show, fill-in host Mark Steyn said he has low regard for Occupy Wall Street — not necessarily because it is a left-wing movement, but, he explained, because it is an imported movement.

“I’m not sure how many people know this, but this whole thing — this is the most pathetic revolution in history,” Steyn said. “[French revolutionary] Robespierre would have no time for these guys, Lenin would have no time for these guys, Mao would have no time for these guys — these big sloth demonstrations, the big sloth movement. It’s not even American — this whole thing was cooked up by the Vancouver-based Adbusters Media Foundation. That’s Vancouver as in Vancouver, British Columbia, by the way. That’s as in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dominion of Canada. What has it come to? What has it come to? What is the state, the pitiful state of America’s rebellious youth when America’s rebellious youth have to basically be lame southern front men for what is essentially a Canadian rebellious youth movement. This is pathetic.”

But beyond origins of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Steyn ripped the protesters for mixing their signals.

“This is disgraceful,” he said. “This Occupy Wall Street movement must be the dumbest revolution out. The problem with Occupy Wall Street, by the way, isn’t hard to figure out: It’s got no solution to these things except more government … They’re anarchist for more government. They want to stick it to the man. On the one hand they want to urinate and defecate all over police cruisers, but on the other hand, they’re saying we need a bigger government budget. They’re sticking it to the man by asking the man to write them a bigger check.  It’s the most pathetic revolution in history.”


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