David Brooks: Romney only ‘plausible’ candidate [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Despite Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain’s precipitous rise in the polls, New York Times columnist David Brooks seems to think that the Republican presidential nomination is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s to lose.

On Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Brooks suggested that the Republican primary process was really just preparation for Romney’s general election bid against President Barack Obama.

“I think the debates have been consequential because they’ve shown what we’ve got here,” Brooks said. “It’s not a primary process. The primary process you have several candidates and they go after each other. We don’t have that. We have one plausible candidate and a bunch of other guys who are prepping him for the Obama onslaught. So, basically they attack him. We thought Perry was plausible — turned out so far not to be. So they’re attacking him, getting him ready for what Obama is going to unleash on him.”

Brooks gave Romney a passing grade, but identified two obstacles he will have to overcome.

“I’m grading it on how well is he’s doing here,” Brooks said. “I give him like a B-minus. There are two things he has to really get ready for. One is the flip-flopper charge. The second is he is the male version of ‘The Stepford Wives’ and he really hasn’t solved either of those two problems.”


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Jeff Poor