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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Rev. C.L. Bryant

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Meet the Rev. C.L. Bryant, a powerful orator and political observer, who runs One Nation Back to God, a grassroots coalition of people committed to personal liberty, American exceptionalism and opportunity for all.

Many years ago, as a rising star on the left and a NAACP leader in Garland, Texas, Bryant started vociferously rejecting big-government ideals to the point where his black church in Louisiana was taken from him. Today he is awakening thousands to the message and values of the tea party movement. And whom does he credit for bringing him to his new political understanding? Rush Limbaugh!

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas sat down with Rev. Bryant in Washington last week. Below are his thoughts on the erroneous way Martin Luther King’s vision has been implemented, the “necessary smearing” of Herman Cain by the so called “hounds” of the new plantation and the price he has paid to stand up for his conservative beliefs.

As a black pastor and former leader with the NAACP, did you pay any personal price for leaving the stronghold of the Democratic Party and joining the tea party?

“It is very difficult. Why? Because the people who are your peers are, let’s say, still on the plantation. They are very much embracing the idea that you have just been liberated from.”

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Do you believe Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream and movement have been hijacked?

“King would not recognize what has happened to the civil rights movement if he were to come today. King had a dream, and there are those who came after him who had a scheme — to extort money from large corporations, and that is exactly what has happened.”

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Why did you move from the left to the right, politically?

“I was a true believer in the liberal cause … I was flipping through the AM dials, and I came across a fellow by the name of Rush, and I’m here with you today. The rest of it’s basically history.”

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What can be done to heal this nation from the stain of slavery?

“There is nothing you can do or I can do about Kunta Kinte’s foot being cut off, nothing. There’s nothing you can do about milk that has been spilled, except to put in place guidelines that will prevent it from happening again.”

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Tell us about the Runaway Slave film you are producing?

“Runaway Slave is, at its very root, the story of people who have, in fact, seen the other side of America. Not what they’ve been told, but what they have seen for themselves.”

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What are your thoughts on what Harry Belafonte said about Herman Cain recently?

“There is a power structure here, even a tribalism here, that is accepted among black folks. It’s almost like a Stockholm syndrome. They’ve been abused for so long by these people who have control over them, that when someone like a Herman Cain or an Allen West or even a C.L. Bryant steps in and tries to say, ‘Hey, listen, you don’t have to put up with this abuse any longer,’ they actually step in and defend the people who have been abusing them.”

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What can people do who believe in what you are saying?

“The first order on the agenda of the Coalition of American Voices is to call out and take on the Congressional Black Caucus.”

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