Politico’s Evan Thomas warns only a ‘terrible crisis’ can cause U.S. to act on the economy [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Politico columnist and former Newsweek editor Evan Thomas worries that the United States government won’t act to fix the economy until something cataclysmic forces it to.

On this weekend’s broadcast of the syndicated show “Inside Washington,” Thomas offered his theory on what he thinks it will take to get the government to intervene decisively.

“I love [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt, but what got us out of the Depression was World War II,” Thomas said. “What is going to get us out of this mess, I fear, is some terrible crisis in Europe that brings the entire global system crashing down, and out of that rubble, finally governments will be forced to do something.”

And what might they be finally forced to do?

“I don’t know — some giant stimulus followed by some actual reform,” Thomas replied. “I always cling to this hope that real reform will happen, but unless we have a crisis, I don’t think is going to.”


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