Coulter: Libya intervention ‘kind of stupid,’ Gadhafi was ‘George Bush’s bitch’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Ann Coulter is not applauding President Obama for the killing of Moammar Gadhafi. In a Monday appearance on “Good Day LA” on Fox affiliate KTTV 11 in Los Angeles, Coulter told host Steve Edwards that she was willing to give Obama credit, but not for the Libyan intervention.

“Sure, for some things, though I’m more for killing bin Laden,” Coulter said. “I thought our intervention in Libya — I mean, there’s good feeling because he’s a bad guy so maybe I should wait two weeks to say this, but I thought it was kind of stupid because once we invaded Iraq, Gadhafi became George Bush’s bitch. They all did. Gadhafi goes running to the British and says, ‘Is he going to invade me next?’”

Coulter also explained why we had the Gadhafi regime under control, which might have been better than what will fill the vacuum left from his departure.

“And he gives up his weapons of mass destruction program,” she continued. “For the first time in 18 years, he admits to the bombing of Lockerbie. He pays each one of the families $8 million. Why are we invading now? And it’s not clear to me, seeing that mob around him that shoots him within five minutes, that what he is being replaced with is going to be better.”


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Edwards countered that “democracy can be cumbersome and ugly,” but Coulter said that might not actually be what the world had witnessed in Libya last week.

“I don’t think that’s democracy,” she replied. “I think that’s a mob.”

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