Trick or Treat: Ten sexy celebrity Halloween costumes [SLIDESHOW]

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Quick question: Trick? Or a treat?

As children gear up to dress up and go door-to-door collecting candy, we grown-ups prepare by getting our most creative, sexiest costumes out to wear to Halloween parties this weekend.

Halloween gives girls a ready-made excuse to step outside their comfort zones and wear something downright sexy. (Four out of five boyfriends and husbands think this this should happen more often.) And if you’re going to wear a barely-there superhero getup, why not pretend to be someone famous at the same time?

The ever-helpful Daily Caller crew has compiled our favorite celebrity costumes — some playful, some downright debauch-worthy. Our slideshow runs the gamut from the classic  “slutty pumpkin” to the edgier “ Black Swan.”

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