Android app designed for OWS protesters

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Were you arrested while speaking up for the “99 percent?” There’s an app for that.

Jason Van Anden, a software developer who has consulted for Tiffany & Co. and Citibank, has released a new app in support of Occupy Wall Street. “I’m Getting Arrested” is available for free download in the Android app store.

The app allows users to quickly send a predetermined text message to their emergency contact lists in the event of an arrest. Van Anden, a self-described “artist/technologist,” created the app after one of his friends was arrested while protesting.

Relatively simple in design, the app has received generally positive reviews. One user even identified alternative uses.

“I have no plans to be arrested any time soon,” said a user named voteprime. “But this could be a good tool to type in a few phone numbers of friends/family that you text often (it will get saved in the app), and then easily change the text message whenever you want to reach out to all of them at once.”

A reviewer who gave the app a poor rating half-jokingly suggested the protesters should consider a different app altogether:

“ makes an app to help you look for a job. How about downloading that one instead!”

Van Anden did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment at the time of publication.

This article has been corrected. Jason Van Anden spoke to The Daily Caller the following Saturday and clarified he was never a direct employee of Tiffany & Co and Citibank.

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