Carville: Romney ‘a serial windsock,’ Perry should ‘get out of the race,’ Cain a ‘national distraction’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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CNN analyst James Carville isn’t enthusiastic about the 2012 Republican presidential field, but he does think former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will eventually emerge to claim the nomination. But on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday, he said if anything can keep Romney from winning the primary race, it’s his flip-flopping on issues.

“I don’t even know if there’s a hurdle left, but yes the man is a serial windsock,” Carville said. “I mean,  anytime that you turn around, it’s something else. Once he uses any kind of adjective in front of it, you know he’s getting ready to flip-flop. If he’s very committed to it, that means he’s going to change positions. And if he’s 110 percent for something, that means he is changing positions.”

Carville gave Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain little chance of defeating Romney.

“You know the best thing Rick Perry can do for himself and his family and his friends is get out of the race and go back to Texas,” Carville said. “This man is evidently not up to this. He had plenty of chances to do it. He can’t debate. He can’t give a speech. He can’t hold a position paper. He can’t go on television.”

Co-host George Stephanopoulos objected, citing the $15 million Perry has in the bank. Carville wasn’t buying it.

“He can have $150 million in the bank,” Carville replied. “He is incapable of running for president. He can’t do the things necessary to run for president. He’s behind Newt Gingrich in the polls now. He’s just in something that he should never have gotten into. He’s in over his head. It’s not just evident to me. It’s evident to 95 percent of the Republicans.”


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Carville also offered his views on Cain’s campaign and his web ad showing chief of staff Mark Block taking a drag from a cigarette.

“If that guy wasn’t drunk — I haven’t taken a drink in my life — he was just as high as he could be,” Carville said. “It wasn’t just — he was drunk or stoned. There was some kind of chemical in him, I guarantee you that … Herman Cain is not going to be the Republican [nominee] for president. I mean, what he is, he’s a national distraction.”

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