Gallup: Self-reported gun ownership rises, especially among women, Dems

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Skeezeballs and perverts beware: Ladies have access to guns these days, and they aren’t afraid to talk about it.

Self-reported gun ownership is at an all-time high among women, according to Gallup’s annual poll on gun ownership in the United States.

According to Gallup, 43 percent of women report household gun ownership, up from 33 percent in 2009. The poll found that 23 percent of women personally own firearms.

The trend follows a rise in U.S. gun ownership in general, regardless of party affiliation or region.

Forty-seven percent of American adults say they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property. That’s up from 41 percent a year ago, and the highest percentage since 1993.

Republicans are still more likely to report gun ownership, but the number of Democratic gun owners spiked dramatically — rising from 30 percent in 2009 to 40 percent this year.

Gallup’s Oct. 6–9 poll also determined that public support for personal gun rights is at an all-time high.

Gun sales and applications for concealed-carry permits spiked in 2009 following President Obama’s election victory. And arond  the same time, two significant Supreme Court cases affirmed the Second Amendment as an individual right.

Gallup cautions, however, that only time will tell if this is a trend or merely a temporary blip.

“At 47%, reported gun ownership is the highest it has been in nearly two decades — a finding that may be related to Americans’ dampened support for gun-control laws,” Gallup wrote. “However, to ensure that this year’s increase reflects a meaningful rebound in reported gun ownership, it will be important to see whether the uptick continues in future polling.”

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