Electronic Arts execs talk ‘Sims Social,’ project $1 billion revenue windfall

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Have you been sending Facebook friends numerous quests in the new game The Sims Social? Game developers at Electronic Arts have noticed, and say thank you.

During a Thursday conference call, Electronic Arts executives projected $1 billion in revenue for the fiscal year, thanks to the game’s Q2 introduction.

The Sims Social, based on EA’s popular “Sims” brand, has nearly 40 million monthly active users already — including 8 million daily active users. This averages out to users logging in up to four times per day.

“Our Digital business is tracking extraordinarily well, and with the addition of PopCap and a fantastic performance from The Sims Social, we are now confident we can exceed our goal of generating over $1 billion in the fiscal year,” said Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer for Electronic Arts.

“This is a feat which would put us in an elite group of 4 or 5 companies worldwide.”

John Miller, an investment blogger at investment site Seeking Alpha said that EA is still having trouble monetizing the game, and therefore “cannot yet be declared a success.”

“Though focused on monetizing the new title, the company has not yet implemented a successful mechanism,” said Miller.

“Without knowing for how long each player will participate nor how much their average spend will equal, EA is unsure if their player acquisition activities will have a positive or negative impact on the bottom line.”

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