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Not All Muslims shoot at American embassy in Bosnia

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Just one guy:

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — A man opened fire with an automatic weapon outside the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia on Friday, and authorities said he was targeting the building in a terrorist attack.

The man injured at least one police officer guarding the embassy before police surrounded him. After a 30-minute standoff, the sound of a single shot echoed and AP Video showed the shooter — brandishing a Kalyshinkov on a street corner outside of the embassy — slump to the ground.

Police arrested the wounded man and took him away in an ambulance as pedestrians watched from behind buildings and vehicles…

The gunman was bearded and dressed in an outfit typical for followers of the conservative Wahabi branch of Islam.

Bosnian TV identified the shooter as Mevlid Jasarevic, from Novi Pazar, Serbia. It said he is a Wahabi follower, but did not cite its sources.

What a weird coincidence. Well, it’s just another in a continuing series of isolated incidents.

Just as a reminder, Bosnia was one of America’s good military interventions. You know, the kind that happen with a Democrat in the White House.