Sarah Silverman on dismissive Rick Perry coverage: ‘I miss the Jew-run banks and media’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Sometimes when Hollywood celebrities attempt to pontificate on politics, especially on live television, it doesn’t end well. So one has to wonder what the bookers for MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” were thinking booking comedienne Sarah Silverman, particularly on a Friday night.

Nonetheless, Silverman took to the airwaves on Maddow’s show last night to promote her comedy tour “Live from Niggerhead” comedy tour, which according to Silverman has its proceeds going to the NAACP.

Maddow began by asking Silverman if her comedy initiative was an effort to revitalize the controversy of an ill-advised name of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s family’s hunting camp and draw more attention to it.

“I think that any time racism shows itself in a tangible way, it’s not just a gas in the air, it’s important to take the opportunity to point at it,” Silverman said. “You know? I think it’s dangerous when it just kind of goes away and, you know, here’s a guy who is a governor and running for president and it has not injured him in any way really.”


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And why has the controversy been allowed to die? Silverman had her own theory.

“I partially blame the media actually,” Silverman said. “I mean, Rachel, I am not – I have no religion, but am I crazy – I miss – I kind of miss – I miss the Jew-run banks and media. I think that wouldn’t have been let go so fast.”

Maddow also asked if the fact that former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain was leading the polls somehow negated the racism she perceived in the modern Republican Party. Silverman said no, but address the web ad featuring Cain’s campaign manager smoking in it.

“No, not really – I think that – I’ll tell you why he’s ahead,” Silverman said. “You know how they say, like, when terrible, horribly made commercials are on the air, like, you know, apply directly to the head, or all that stuff, they always say, hey, you’re talking about it. And I think that’s what attributes to his success. Those commercials are crazy, right?”