Huntsman bitten by goat while campaigning in New Hampshire

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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As Jon Huntsman stumped in New Hampshire this weekend, trying to give voters a taste of what a Huntsman presidency would be like, a local goat named Izak quite literally got a taste of the former Utah governor when he nibbled on his knee at an event in Dover.

The Union Leader reports that the bite was not vicious — Huntsman was not hurt, nor were his pants.

Izak’s owner, Bill Higgins, told the paper that was just “taste-testing” Huntsman’s trousers, calling it a “friendly nibble.”

Higgins told The Daily Caller it was “kind of a love nip.”

Huntsman, he said was not fazed by the experience. “He had a good sense of humor,” Higgins said.

“It was just enough to make him chuckle,” Higgins told the Union Leader. “When he left, he came over and shook my hand and patted Izak.”

Which is good, because Higgins says he votes with his goat’s instincts. “He’s an independent. He represents an independent voters,” Higgins said of Isak.

“I judge the candidates on how the animals react to them,” he told TheDC, as Isak, who is a house-goat, banged on his kennel wanting to be let out.

“He’s not yet old enough to be home alone” roaming the house, Higgins explained. Isak is Higgins’ second goat. The first goat, Binx, was something of a local celebrity, and met many presidential candidates in past years, including Howard Dean.

Higgins suggested the incident could help Huntsman’s campaign. “It might be good for him,” he said, “might give him a little more exposure.”

Indeed, Huntsman later joked about the incident at a campaign stop at the McConnell Community Center, the Boston Globe reports.

“He took a bite out of my kneecap,” Huntsman said. “Is there a better indicator in the state of New Hampshire than how well you do with the goat?”

If so, he may not be doing too well: Isak also reportedly took his teeth to some of Huntsman’s campaign signs.

The Huntsman campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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