ABC station mocks Herman Cain with free ringtone

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

An ABC television affiliate based in Washington, D.C. couldn’t get Republican presidential Herman Cain to answer questions at an event on Wednesday, so it’s mocking him instead.

On its website, WJLA-ABC7 has posted an article titled: “EXCUSE ME! Get your Herman Cain ringtone!”

The free ringtone consists of audio of Cain saying, “Excuse me. Excuse me!” on Wednesday after an event with area doctors as he tried to escape reporters who asked him about allegations of sexual harassment from the 1990s.

“Now you can have a permanent memento of a candidate losing his cool,” the ABC station says on its website.

The Daily Caller was present at the event Wednesday when Cain got testy with the reporters. Cain was speaking to the group Docs4PatientCare at the group’s annual meeting in Alexandria, Va.

The GOP presidential front-runner told the scrum of reporters that he was there only to talk about health care. (RELATED: Cain gets testy with reporters asking about sexual harassment allegations)

“Let me say one thing,” Cain said. “I’m here with these doctors and that’s what I’m going to talk about. So don’t even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about. Don’t even bother.”

Still, reporters peppered him with questions. The media frenzy led to a series of arguments among reporters, photographers and hotel staff.

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