Super committee put on ‘Public Notice’

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Fiscally conservative group Public Notice has launched a billboard campaign in some of the most heavily traveled areas in the country in an effort to communicate to Americans and the highly secretive super committee — formed as part of the debt ceiling compromise — about the need for more spending cuts and economic responsibility in Washington.

The group has just launched the advertising campaign in Times Square and Washington, D.C. under the purview of their recent project, BankruptingAmerica, reminding the 12 member super committee that “America is watching.”

“We are trying to make sure people are aware what is at stake,” Public Notice and BankruptingAmerica Executive Director Gretchen K. Hamel told TheDC. “Our nation is at a fiscal crossroads now and what better way than to put a message up at America’s crossroads — which is Times Square — to make sure people are aware what is happening and call on Congress and the super committee to do their due diligence and get their fiscal house in order.”

The billboards in Times Square explain to onlookers that the super committee has been given the task of finding $1.5 trillion spending cuts and that they need to do so “Before we cut turkeys,” as one billboard reads, urging viewers to “call Congress.”

“Congress should carve spending like a Thanksgiving Turkey,” reads another Times Square billboard. The turkey theme is apt, as the campaign will last the entire month of November.

According to Hamel, the billboards are visible in the Times Square background of “Good Morning America.”

In Washington D.C. the group’s billboards are not turkey themed, but bear the warning, “Super Committee, America is watching.”

Hamel would not go into the cost of the signs, but noted that they were able to obtain the Times Square billboard location on sale.

The super committee is currently facing a November 23rd deadline, but could extend their deliberations with congressional approval.

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