Sounds like bitter clinging to me, Mr. President

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The president got all religious on his jobs-bill pitch yesterday:

The president rebuked the House of Representatives for passing a bill reaffirming the US motto “In God We Trust” rather than getting to work on his stalled $447 billion jobs program.

“That’s not putting people back to work. I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work,” the president said.

Jay Carney was asked about the president’s God-fearin’ gambit:

Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney denied that Obama had perhaps gone too far by dragging the Almighty into a fierce political spat.

“I believe that the phrase from the Bible is ‘the Lord helps those who help themselves,'” Carney said.

Yeah,that’s not in the Bible, Jay.

Let us pause for a moment to remember the uproar any time a Republican candidate invokes God in any way.

Mary Katharine Ham