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Joe Biden conspicuously silent on Occupier sex-crime spree

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Remember when all Joe Biden could talk about was rape? He kept saying the Republicans aren’t backing the American Jobs Act because they want everybody to get raped? Then he clammed up about it for some reason. But we’ll always have the memories. Good times.

As the media tries to feed the embers of a sex scandal despite a distinct lack of A) sex or B) scandal, let’s take a look at our good friends in the Occupy movement who are giving ol’ Sheriff Joe something to cry about. In less than two months, they’ve already racked up an impressive list of rapes, sexual assaults, and other assorted sex crimes across the country.

Denver Post, 10/15/11:

An Occupy Denver demonstrator was arrested late Saturday for “sexual misconduct” after allegedly groping a male television photographer.

Corey Donahue, a 28-year-old medical marijuana activist, was arrested at 10:20 p.m. in Civic Center park, according to three photographers who witnessed the event. Two of the photographers work for The Post.

This is Donahue’s third arrest in six weeks.

All of which go toward his Occupier Merit Badge. This one’s a tough call, though. If you think it’s wrong for a man to be attracted to another man, you’re a homophobe. But if you think it’s okay to sexually assault people, you’re a pervert. So it evens out.

Incidentally, Donahue showed up in another Denver Post story a couple of weeks later:

Infighting, backbiting and people she viewed as violent opportunists led one of Occupy Denver’s most visible participants to quit the local movement after the peaceful protest turned violent Saturday.

Rebecca “Becca” Chavez, 29, announced on Twitter on Sunday afternoon, “I support Occupy Wall Street whole-heartedly but I cannot, at present, support, endorse, or be a part of Occupy Denver…”

True to keeping the movement faceless, Chavez intentionally never called herself a leader, but no one at Occupy Denver would disagree that she was influential.

“Becca was a part of a contingency that thinks if we completely let them (the police) bash our skulls in, then we’ll win,” said Corey Donahue, 28, a self-identified anarchist who helps in the Occupy Denver kitchen. “That kind of ‘militant nonviolence’ won’t work.”

That’s right, people of Occupy Denver: This guy is touching your food.

CBS Cleveland, 10/18/11:

An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.

Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident Saturday at the “Occupy Cleveland” rally involving a 19-year-old female student from Parma.

According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

Emails from CBS Cleveland to the “Occupy Cleveland” movement were not immediately returned.

Well, they’ve got better things to do than worry about women being raped in the public place they’ve turned into a squalid Obamaville.

KOMO News in Seattle, 10/18/11:

A man accused of exposing himself to children at least five times across Seattle was arrested early Tuesday morning.

Seattle police say he was taken into custody at his Kenmore residence around 1 a.m.

Officers had been given a composite sketch of the suspect and detectives learned he had been at Westlake Park taking part in the Occupy Seattle protests.

This is what degeneracy looks like.

Apparently, sexual assault is such a problem at Occupy Baltimore that they drew up guidelines on how to report it. Baltimore Sun, 10/19/11:

Efforts by the Occupy Baltimore protest group to evolve into a self-contained, self-governing community have erupted into controversy with the distribution of a pamphlet that victim advocates and health workers fear discourages victims of sexual assaults from contacting police.

The pamphlet says that members of the protest group who believe they are victims or who suspect sexual abuse “are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee,” which will investigate and “supply the abuser with counseling resources.”

The directive also says, in part, “Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate authorities.”

Despite this caveat, the heads of three rape crisis centers and a nurse who runs the forensic division at Mercy Medical Center called the message about not involving police dangerous. They said it contains erroneous information that could undermine efforts to convince victims to properly report crimes and get the counseling they need.

The memo was later revised to take out the “Don’t talk to the pigs” part. Hey, you know who has never put out any guidelines on reporting sexual assault? The Tea Party. What are they hiding???

NY Post, 10/30/11:

Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park battened down the hatches yesterday as the early October snow turned their tents into igloos, but the close quarters also made easy pickings for one predator.

A sex fiend barged into a woman’s tent and sexually assaulted her at around 6 a.m., said protesters, who chased him from the park.

“Pervert! Pervert! Get the f–k out!” said vigilante Occupiers, who never bothered to call the cops.

“They were shining flashlights in his face and yelling at him to leave,” said a woman who called herself Leslie, but refused to give her real name.

She said that weeks earlier another woman was raped.

“We don’t tell anyone,” she said. “We handle it internally. I said too much already.”

“Handling it internally” seems to be working out just fine so far.

NYDN, 10/30/11:

A 23-year-old woman is accused of attempting to pimp out a teenage girl she met at an Occupy New Hampshire protest earlier this week.

After Justina Jensen, of Manchester, became friendly with the girl, she went on the Internet and arranged a tryst between her and a man — who was actually an undercover cop, according to Union Leader…

Jensen, who went by the alias Remy, made a deal on behalf of the teen to have sex with the man, who called himself Mad Mike, for $150.

When the man asked for a location for the duo to meet, Jensen gave her address and was arrested — after a brief struggle — in her home…

According to police, Jensen was going to start training the teen to become a prostitute.

Somebody call Julia Roberts. We’ve finally got a plot for Pretty Woman 2.

Pegasus News, 11/1/01:

Dallas Police confirmed that they have arrested a man named Richard Wayne Armstrong who they believe had sex with a 14-year-old female runaway in a tent at an Occupy Dallas protest. Armstrong is a non-compliant registered sex offender.

The girl told police during questioning that she told the man she was 19 years old. The girl is from Garland.

Armstrong was arrested on October 27, 2011 for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender and Sexual Assault of a Child, the Dallas Police Department reports.

What’s the big deal? It’s not like he put a crosshairs symbol on a map, or said, “Don’t retreat, reload.”

And then there’s Occupy Madison, which was denied a permit because a protester was caught publicly masturbating. Guess he couldn’t find anybody to rape.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’m sure there’ll be more and more incidents like this by the day. Just a little something to remember the next time Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or anybody else tries to tell you how great the Occupy movement is.

(Thanks to the MacIver Institute’s #OccupyCrimeWave map.)

P.S. Speaking of sexual harassment and the Occupy movement, TheDC’s Michelle Fields just experienced it at an Occupy DC protest:

So for about three hours, I had someone following me around, harassing me, screaming things out to me. And I actually did not feel comfortable, because at one point there were a whole group of men surrounding me saying, ‘F—Michelle Fields.’  And I went to a police officer and I told him that I felt these people were harassing me. And the police officer said he’d take care of it, but it never ended. These people were harassing me for the entire evening.

[dcvideo videoid=”24779432″ name=”ndnPlayer_24779432″ type=”ndn” width=”640″ height=”360″ /]

The Occupiers think everything should be free… except speech. And they’re all about respect for women… who know their place.

P.P.S. Zuccotti protesters put up women-only tent to prevent sexual assaults. This is what savagery looks like.

P.P.P.S. #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far.

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