Documentary in the works praising ‘Anonymous’ hackers

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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The hacker collective Anonymous has announced an upcoming documentary film to be called “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists.”

We Are Legion — directed by Brian Knappenberger and produced by Luminant Media —  is an independent documentary about the collective. A short trailer uploaded to Anonymous’s YouTube account Sunday constructs a narrative through media clippings and original interviews.

“We have studied closely but are in no way affiliated with Anonymous,” Knappenberger told TheDC in an email.

Anonymous announced the trailer with a tweet: “The hacker ethos has a passion for truth.”

“Anonymous calls itself the final boss of the Internet,” said one unnamed interviewee in the four-minute trailer, “and sometimes it proves to be really fucking true.”

While no release date for the film has been indicated, the YouTube page promises: “EXPECT US 2012.”

The group’s makeup is largely an enigma to the public. In July federal authorities arrested 16 alleged Anonymous members, and in September the website Talking Points Memo published a set of 15 of their mugshots.

Anonymous recently engaged in a campaign against the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas in retaliation for the kidnapping of one of its members.

This article has been updated to clarify that this film was produced by Luminant Media independently of Anonymous.

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