Pat Buchanan on Cain controversy: ‘Looks to me like he’s escaped this one’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show,” MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan said damage from allegations of sexual harassment to Cain’s poll numbers and fundraising has been minimal, because flaws in the substance of the charges have caused an anti-media backlash — and brought increased support for Cain.

“What have they come forward with?” he asked. “They got these various nebulous charges about suggestive maneuvers and all this other stuff. They got no witness to come forward to describe what’s been done, nothing substantive on what’s been alleged exactly. The charges that are being brought forth are media — which everyone knows is hostile to the Republican Party — and they’re brought against a conservative Republican frontrunner, or near-frontrunner, who happens to be an African American; who happens to say, ‘You know I took off from the liberal plantation.’ So the whole thing really lacks credibility without any substantive charges or substantive witnesses against Herman Cain.”

Although Cain’s response had been amateurish, Buchanan said the brazenness and the weakness in the charges has made it appear that Cain will “escape” this controversy.

“The handling by the staff left a lot to be desired,” Buchanan said. “There’s a lot of confusion and you know, slow statements coming forward about whether he was aware of it. But overall he’s sort of been tough, upfront, brazen, and says, ‘Bring it on,’ in effect. The Politico and the media cannot apparently come along with anything more solid than what they started with. So they sort of keep repeating that and people say we got that. And you’ve got nothing proven here. And your motives are suspect. So we think we’re going to stick with this guy rather than run away from it and you got a lot of folks, which I’m sure like you are, and Rush [Limbaugh] and others who are coming to Cain’s defense. And I think it looks to me like he’s escaped this one.”


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