Reid hopes GOP will ‘break away’ from tax crusader Grover Norquist [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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When addressing the deficit reduction challenges facing the congressional super committee, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid targeted Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist, saying it’s “a shame” that he is “present” in the committee’s discussions.


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“The difficulty we find is that in every one of these discussions, Grover Norquist seems to be in the room … he is quite sure that there will be nothing done with tax revenues,” Reid told reporters at the Capitol on Tuesday.

“It’s a shame that Grover Norquist is present in all these meetings we have. I would hope that weren’t the case. I’m hopeful that the Republicans on the Supercommitee will break way from this.”

This is not the first time Reid has specifically criticized Norquist over his influence on Senate Republicans. Last week he said Norquist was leading the GOP like “puppets.”

Norquist reacted to Reid’s comments on Nov. 1 during an interview with The Daily Caller.

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