Herman Cain campaign admits Mark Block was wrong to link accuser to Politico reporter

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Herman Cain’s presidential campaign is admitting that campaign manager Mark Block had his facts wrong when he said on Fox News that one of the women who has accused Cain of sexual harassment is the mother of a reporter at Politico, the news outlet that first published the allegations ten days ago.

Appearing with host Sean Hannity on Tuesday night, Block said it had been “confirmed” by the campaign that accuser Karen Kraushaar’s son works at Politico.

But soon after Block made that statement, Josh Kraushaar, a former Politico reporter who Block didn’t specifically name but who he was referencing, said Block was wrong and that he’s not related to the accuser.

Cain’s campaign has been rocked by allegations that he behaved inappropriately around women in the 1990s. He has denied all those allegations.

Asked by The Daily Caller if Block planned to apologize to Josh Kraushaar, Cain campaign’s campaign released a statement saying the mistake was based upon inaccurate information provided to them.

“Based upon information available at the time of Mr. Block’s Tuesday night interview on Fox News, the campaign was led to believe that Mr. Josh Kraushaar, currently with the National Journal and a former employee of Politico, was the son of Karen Kraushaar,” campaign spokesman J.D. Gordon said. “We have since learned that is not the case.”

Josh Krauhshaar did work at Politico, but took a job at National Journal in 2010.

This isn’t the first time Block has backtracked from something he has said. After accusing a consultant to rival candidate Rick Perry of being involved with getting the harassment story out in the media, he walked those comments back.

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