Inside Occupy DC, talk turns to ‘violence’ and ‘revolution’

Jamie Coughlin Contributor
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Although protesters in the nation’s capital still insist Occupy DC is non-violent, the public is increasingly skeptical. But many protesters are insisting that a fringe element of the movement — not the mainstream of protesters — is causing problems like those seen in an incident at the Washington Convention Center last Friday.

During a conference hosted by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, Occupy DC protesters barricaded the doors of the Washington Convention Center, making it impossible for participants to leave. Protesters banged on glass doors, shouted at attendees and got into a few scuffles with police, video taken by The Daily Caller showed.

“I saw what happened over the weekend at the convention center and it was very unfortunate,” Occupy DC protester James Land told The Daily Caller. “For one side to blame the other … they’re wrong.”

On Monday, Washington, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Occupy DC “is no longer a peaceful protest.” Since then, police cars have surrounded their base camp at McPherson Square where previously there were few officers on-site.

Can these anti-capitalist protesters continue to insist that a fringe element is causing all the trouble? Has the movement taken a turn toward violence? Protesters shared their thoughts with TheDC.

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