Postscript: Brian Terry’s family did receive ‘private’ apology letter quoted in Politico story

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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The Daily Caller has received new information indicating that at least one family member of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry did receive an emailed letter from Attorney General Eric Holder before Politico published news of its existence. Politico described that missive as a “private letter” while quoting from it Thursday morning.

A Terry family friend had previously confirmed, incorrectly, that no one in the Terry family had seen the letter before the Politico story was published.

Terry family attorney Lincoln Combs told TheDC on Friday that Holder’s office sent the letter Wednesday afternoon via email to one of Brian’s sisters, who then forwarded the email to other family members.

Politico wrote Thursday that it had obtained a copy of that letter, along with another that Terry’s family had previously sent to Holder. Brian’s mother Josephine, however, hadn’t seen Holder’s letter by the time the news outlet published its report.

Combs told TheDC that at the time of Politico’s story, “Josephine hadn’t had a chance to read it yet.”

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