Joe Theismann dissatisfied with Obama: Leaders don’t blame somebody else [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Super Bowl XVII-winning quarterback and restaurant owner Joe Theismann told The Daily Caller that he is dissatisfied with President Barack Obama’s job performance.

Theisman said he believes in “free enterprise” and that the federal government needs to “support businesses and not penalize them with regulations.”


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“To me, leadership is: You stand up in front and you give direction to people and you say ‘this is where we want to go’ instead of sitting down and blaming somebody else and saying, ‘well, they’re not cooperating so we can’t get this done,’” the sports analyst and former NFL star told TheDC.

Theismann’s comments came after a Notre Dame Club luncheon on November 11.

Videography by Direna Cousins

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