Maher: Romney ‘is all that stands between us and the rise of the apes’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Last month on his HBO “Real Time” show, comedian Bill Maher made a $1 million bet against $1 from CNBC’s Michelle Caruso Cabrera that former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain would not be the Republican 2012 presidential nominee. With the Cain campaign rocked by allegations of sexual harassment, Maher is sticking to his guns.

In an appearance ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday, Maher reiterated that “yes, I would bet a million dollars against Herman Cain. Wouldn’t you take that bet that he’s not going to be the candidate?”

Maher had some harsh words for Cain’s “9-9-9 tax plan,” suggesting it was written by someone lacking the necessary expertise to overhaul the U.S. tax code.

“This guy is who has a tax plan we found out that was written pretty much by his branch manager at Wells Fargo, you know?” Maher said. “He, like, went in to cash some checks and the teller said, ‘Can I do anything for you?’ And he said, ‘Yes, could you rewrite the tax code for the United States of America.”

Maher said he was most sympathetic to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who remains in second-place in most polls despite the constant shuffling of front-runners.

“You’ve got to feel very bad for Mitt Romney,” Maher said. “I mean, he has been led so far by Trump, then Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain … I’m rooting for him because, look, in a country with only two political parties, the Republican can always win. I mean, at least he eats with a knife and fork. I mean he is all that stands between us and the rise of the apes.”


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